Enya the Bernese puppy!

This is the beautiful Enya who has recently completed our puppy course at Mount Vernon Community Hall.

When we often think of puppies we sometimes think of small fluffy bundles of fun. Enya on the other hand was already larger than some adult dogs when she first came to class. Her owner Samantha was really keen to book her into classes so much so she had already enquired about classes before Enya came home.

When Enya came to her first class she was very shy and was quite content being able to observe the other pups from her booth during the socializing sections. The Dog School coaches explained to all the owners that by responding to your puppies body language and giving choice can help build their confidence. This couldn’t be more evident with Enya as by the following week she couldn’t wait to come into class and was eagerly trying to meet the other pups. This was great progress from the week before showing the benefit of pups making their own choice and not being put under any pressure to interact with the other puppies. Now Enya had the confidence to go and interact, knowing that she had the option to retreat if she needed to.

Enya progressed so well during the course working hard with her owners on  loose lead walking,  recall and interacting with the other pups. Enya’s owner Samantha found the mixing with the other puppies really beneficial and saw a huge difference in Enya’s confidence levels which they felt was her greatest achievement over the 5 weeks.

If you think our classes would benefit you and your pup and you would be interested in attending a course, you can either complete the online enquiry form, email us directly at [email protected] or alternatively by calling 07920658653. You can also follow us on Instagram (@dogschoolglasgow) or Twitter (@DogSchoolGlasgw) to keep up to date on our classes.