Dog School FAQs

Dogs Trust Dog School classes combine training skills and exercises to prepare your dog for everyday life.

We give you lots of information to help you understand your pooch and avoid common behavioural issues.

4 classes on a 4 week programme for only £65

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  1. Yes! Please feel free to contact your coach between classes if you would like further support or have any questions. The best way of getting in touch is via email so that your coach has the time to give your response their full attention. Your coach will advise you on the best course of action. They should be able to provide you with some basic advice that you can put in place straight away and may recommend a 1-1 session if you require more in depth behavioural or training support.

  2. Our training classes are aimed at giving you information and skills that you can apply to your puppy’s behaviour in any situation. If you have an existing issue that would require help with please contact your local coach and describe the problems you are having. It may be possible for us to help you in a class setting, or it may be that your coach will recommend a 1-1 session with a trainer or behaviourist. We will aim to give you the advice that we believe will be of the greatest benefit to you and your dog. In some cases, the class environment may not be the most suitable for your dog, in which case we will always strive to offer an alternative plan of action!

  3. Please try to let your coach know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a class. You will be provided with the training guide for the week you missed so that you can catch up at home. We are not able to offer replacement classes or refunds but will help you catch up in time for the following class. If you require help in understanding or practising the guide for the week you missed get in touch with your coach for advice.

  4. At the end of class we will again ask that you keep your distance from other owners and dogs. We will guide you out of the class one at a time, please remember to keep your distance from the other students as you are leaving the building and returning to your cars.

  5. When you arrive to class we ask that you keep your distance from other owners and dogs, we will guide you over to your personal ‘pod’ which will be a small area reserved for you and your dog. This will give your dogs the best chance to feel comfortable and calm at the start of class. Once everyone has settled in their own areas your coach will start the class, there will be some time set aside for practical training and discussing key messages. In puppy classes there will also be some time scheduled for socialising with other class members.

  6. Please bring the following to each class: your dog’s bed/blanket, a selection of your dog’s favourite treats and one or two of his/her favourite toys. If your dog requires any medication or has a specialised diet, please bring these to class – it’s also important to get in touch with your coach to let them know about this before the class as well.

  7. We only use positive training methods supported by the most up to date research on dog behaviour. We will never use methods that intimidate or harm your dog.

  8. We aim to teach you to understand how your dog communicates and learns in a fun, interactive environment.  We will support you in developing the skills needed to help them become happy, confident, well behaved canine citizens. We will achieve this through practical training and support for both you and your dog.

  9. Dogs Trust recognise the need for affordable behavioural and training support in the community. We believe that Dog School will help raise awareness of dog behaviour, strengthen the bond between owners and their dogs and help to address and prevent the development of unwanted or problematic behaviours. We are hopeful that this service will improve the welfare of dogs in the UK, both by providing owners with support in the home environment and by reducing the number of dogs being relinquished for behavioural reasons.

  10. We will try our best to make sure you see the same coaches each week for your classes, because we think it is important for us to get to know you and your puppy. The coaches work in teams of three, so you should get to know all the team members over your course. Occasionally there may be a change in one coach because of sickness or holidays, but if this is necessary, we will try to ensure that you are introduced to your new coach the week before the change so that they are familiar with you and your dog.

  11. You may cancel your course booking within 24 hours of making payment and receive a full refund. If your course begins within 24 hours of you making payment and you wish to cancel, in this instance we reserve the right not to issue you a refund.

    Once this 24-hour period has passed payments are non-refundable unless:

      • A puppy or dog is not able to cope or deemed unsuitable for classes, in which case a refund will be issued. A refund for the number of weeks remaining on the course will be refunded in this situation.
      • The dog was adopted from a Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre and returned to the centre by the new owner.
      • The dog passes away.

    If an owner cannot commence classes because the dog is unwell or has come into season, the classes can be rescheduled to another course on a future date. We can only move courses for this reason on one occasion and we would appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can try to fill this space in classes.

    If a week of training is missed, the training taught that week cannot be repeated and therefore the owner forsakes the money pre-paid for that week.

    Please do not knowingly book a dog that shows aggression towards dogs or humans or signs of being nervous onto training classes. Please contact us if you are not sure whether a class is suitable for your dog.

    Dogs must be fully vaccinated with proof available at induction week, to attend classes.

    If for any reason classes cannot take place in person, classes may be held online and will remain non-refundable.