The great and powerful Flick!

Meet a tiny little Flick, born ‘Saturn’ at our Dogs Trust centre in Basildon. Flick was one of a litter of six very mixed, mix breed puppies. Their mother, very obviously a Bull breed of sorts and their father a mystery (we all have our theories).

Having puppies born in our rehoming centre is bitter sweet for all of us, knowing they are born with no family but also knowing for a short time we get to be their family and do all we can to set them up for life.

We were absolutely thrilled when this little live wire signed up for puppy classes with us at Dog School. Good early learning experiences are vital for puppies to go on into life with the best chances at success in a very complicated human world. We are always really excited when we can play a role in helping puppies and their families gather all the tools they’ll need for a lifetime of the kind of relationships we will cherish for a lifetime.

We count all our Dog School graduates as our family but there is something truly special about seeing one of our own little creatures get the best start in life we can offer through our rehoming centre staff and then, of course, Dog School.

Flick and her wonderful family proved to be absolute stars! I will let this feedback from Flick’s family speak for itself:

“Amazing Dog School!"

"When myself and my partner first adopted our puppy (Staffy Cross) from Basildon Dogs Trust, we knew we wanted to get her into puppy classes and saw Dogs School advertising. From our first session, we were opened up to such a new variety of learning techniques and understanding puppy behaviour. The teachers are so knowledgeable and approachable, we felt so comfortable."

Close ups of Flick the dog  

"One of the best things is that Dog School puppy classes gave me and my partner was confidence with our pup, Flick.  Fully equipped, each session was a bundle of fun for us and for Flick! She was given so much love and provided with so much breed-specific insight whilst being able to develop herself and her social skills in a safe, fun environment with other puppies of other breeds and temperaments." 

"This is a fantastic thing - I have so much experience with Staffy breeds that it was so interesting to see how other breeds socialize, play and train. The best thing I took from the school was that patience is key and it’s important to listen and recognize your dog's body language. Teaching me to not stress over the little things, how to have a successful relationship with your pup and how to train them best, we all learned so much and had such a wonderful experience, we cannot wait for Flick to attend Dog School adult classes when she is a little older!”

Being able to help people to better understand and train their dogs during early life is endlessly rewarding because we know that puppies like Flick and her humans will have greater success in all areas of navigating human – dog life because of what they have both learned through our classes!

Flick, if your humans have let you have access to the internet and you are reading this, thank you for being a piece of the puzzle that makes work with dogs the absolute best work in the world!

To find out about booking on to our puppy, adult or rescue dog courses contact us by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01268 535047 or 07920 658672.