Dexter the Terrier

I rehomed Dexter from Dogs Trust Canterbury last October. He is described as a Jack Russell X which, looking at those ears and little short legs, I am convinced must be Corgi!

From the start of our life together I was determined that I would take Dexter to training classes. This was because I wanted to ensure that we had an enjoyable life together but more importantly that we had a good relationship.

I was aware of the Dog School training classes and Dexter started on a course in January 2016. After a very noisy start the team were quick to ensure that measures were put in place which meant that Dexter and I could benefit to the full. Dexter received his certificate after 5 weeks and we are currently thoroughly enjoying another course.

The Positive Reward training provided by the Dog School team has been hugely effective for us. We have benefited from constant attention from a trainer who never gets upset or impatient and the classes are fun for both me and Dexter. The team are enthusiastic to answer any questions and offer advice when we need it, particularly when introducing a new exercise. The skills and techniques I am learning are enabling me to practice at home and teach Dexter to be a happy and well mannered dog. His improvement, although I say it myself is immense!