A puppy’s eye view of Dog School

When I went to Dog School I was a little apprehensive. I was only twelve weeks old and while I had seen many things of the world, this was a strange place. There were new dogs and people that I had never met before, lot of unusual items; big barriers, tunnels and a strange slippery floor – nothing like the carpets we have at home.

With a little encouragement from Mum, I went into our own little bay where there was a soft mat for me to lie on. Then one of the new people approached and gave me a Kong! I know these things, we have them at home and whoever filled this one deserves a pig’s ear – it was delicious! I was beginning to realise this was quite a nice place to be. I felt so much better lying on the mat close to Mum chewing my Kong while the people chatted. They even spoke my language – I heard quite a few words I know: “sit” and “walk” and “dinner”.

Things just kept getting better because suddenly, just as I was wondering whether I was about to finish my Kong, some wonderful treats appeared on the mat. I looked up at my Mum to see what she thought, but she didn’t even seem to notice so I relaxed quietly again and would you believe it, more treats appeared! When the treats stopped raining on me I got off the mat to investigate but there were no more treats to be found. I looked at Mum again and still, she hadn’t a clue what was going on – too busy looking at the people in purple. She didn’t seem like she was up for a play right then so I went back to the mat for a relax, and… hey presto! More treats! That was when I figured out that relaxing quietly right there on that mat and not looking for attention, the treats would keep coming.

Dog School was looking like my kind of place. Then we got up and started to learn new things – everything was a game and all I had to do was figure out how to win the game and collect my treats. But it wasn’t just treats on offer at Dog School, there were toys too. My favourite was the fluffy fox. Mum got some top tips on how to make the fox even more fun. She did pretty well for a human. The people in purple would come and help sometimes, if I couldn’t figure out how to win the game, and they had some great treats and toys too.

After all that problem-solving, I got the chance to meet the other puppies! At first I was a little unsure – hey, some of those were big puppies – so I hid behind Mum’s legs. But everyone said that was okay and I could stay there as long as I wanted. So I peeped out from behind her legs and boy did it look fun. By week 2 of class, nothing could hold me back! Dog School was wonderful, even Mum learned something. I hope we can go back to adult classes!

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