Three tails of success

The Dog School staff have been getting ready for the official Dog School launch for some time now! These puppies were handed into Darlington Dogs Trust and are now all in loving homes. When they first arrived at the centre we spent a lot of time with them in our office socialising, playing and starting some basic training with them.

They are now 6 months old and have all been through our training classes with their new owners. The pups have all developed well and have learnt lots of skills including loose lead walking, recall, sits, downs and much more! We have also enrolled one of their owners onto our Volunteer scheme to assist us with our classes.

The highlight of our work has been working with these puppies from a young age, watching them develop and grow and working with the fantastic owners to ensure they have support and guidance with their training.

Kylo was a Dogs Trust dog who came out for the day with the Dog School staff to assist us with a fundraising campaign in Darlington. It was a great day to socialise him and to work on his loose lead walking before he went out to his new home. After he had time to settle with his new owner and into his new home and routines he attended our training classes. Kylo was amazing on the course and using reward based training, had a quality hour of fun and training with his new owner and the Dog School staff. The progress he made with his loose lead walking and focus work was outstanding!

Watson attended our training classes as he was distracted by other dogs on his walk and would easily lose focus. His recall response lacked consistency and he would jump up at people lots! He attended his course with his owner equipped with his favourite treats which happened to be peppers and carrot! During the course Watson learned to work and focus with other dogs in the hall. His owner was super consistent with his handling and training in class and at home. We incorporated lots of fun games in class to assist with his recall response and worked at rewarding the good behaviour he offered when greeting other people. Watson and his owner worked so well together the improvement we saw in class was very impressive and we were able to progress them on beyond the course content.