Staying safe in the sun

We all love the sunny weather, BBQ’s, long walks, paddling pools, and ice creams, but sometimes forget that our pooches can really struggle in the heat. Here are some top tips for keeping your dog cool in this gorgeous weather we are having!

Dog running through water  

  1. Make sure you have plenty of bowls of water around the house for you dog to get at throughout the day and night. If you are going out, then always try and take some water and a bowl with you to ensure that your dog stays hydrated on walks.
  2. Try and take your dog out for walks when the weather is cooler, this will be first thing in the morning or last thing at night when the sun is not beating down.
  3. Lay cold wet towels in your house if you have laminate flooring. This will give your dog a nice cool place to lay down on.
  4. Freeze some treats! Why not use an old ice cube tray, put a couple of treats in, fill with water and freeze! This will be a nice cool tasty treat for your dog on these hot days. If you have a big dog and they get through them too quick….why not use old ice lolly moulds, fill with chicken broth, add some treats and use a stick of carrot for the handle. Freeze overnight and they will be ready for the next day. These will make a lovely cold treat for your ‘hot dog’…just be careful not to get them mixed up with yours!
  5. Play with the hose or paddling pool. If you have a nice big garden why not try filling up a paddling pool or playing with the hose with your dog, this will guarantee to cool them down. Just ensure that you check the paddling pool, in this heat water temperatures will rise quickly!
  6. Cool jackets work a treat for those dogs that need to be out in the heat or really struggle to cool themselves down. You soak this jacket in cool water and then place it on your dog, it will draw the heat out and stay cool, it will stay damp and cool for a long time and is well worth a try!

If you do take your dog out, make sure you check the temperature of the ground with your hands or feet - if it is too hot for you, it is far too hot for your dog! Now that you have read our top tips, stay safe and enjoy the sun!