Family fun with the dogs included!

There’s nothing better than getting away for a while and taking your four-legged friends with you for the ride! It has however been far too hot to go for long walks and stay out in the sun for too long. If you have an active dog in body and mind like I have, then it’s time to think on your toes of ways to keep them entertained!

I’ve been away in the caravan, and created a garden space using windbreak fencing around it so that my dogs can have some freedom in a safe, enclosed space. The gazebo was a good buy too, to provide some much needed shelter.

We started our days with a food search game! I cut up lots of tiny treats and threw them in the air and set my 3 dogs off to search the garden area for them. Gave me time to jump in the shower and make a cuppa before they finished hoovering up!

Then it was time to settle. I took some smoked sterilized bones with me which I kept in the freezer and brought them out from time to time to keep the dogs occupied. A little bit like giving a child a colouring-in book: give them something interesting to do and it will free you up to get on with something else, like cooking breakfast!

We had a lazy afternoon and threw in a few short training sessions! My dogs are good at sit, down, hand touch and also know a few tricks such as balance, paw, spin and walking backwards so rather than rewarding them for every move we built up some random sequences so they had to work a little harder for that oh so valuable treat! I even made them search for the treat by throwing it in the grass for them to find instead of feeding them from my hand. Then into the early evening when it had cooled a little we hit the beach! My dogs love water so it was ideal to help keep them cool! Back to camp and a well deserved rest and drinks all round!

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