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Dog School

Dog School Cambridgeshire

We are based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and offer fun, positive training for puppies, adolescent, adult and rescue dogs, based on the very best scientific knowledge currently available. We know just how important the bond with your four-legged friend is, and our aim is to get you off to the right start or back on track, so you and your dog can enjoy life together.

We believe in coaching you to teach your dog how to make good choices about their own behaviour, so they can behave appropriately without constant instruction from you. Our classes aim to provide skills that are relevant to the real world and give you the understanding to continue training outside of classes.

So, whatever the age of your dog and whether you need help preventing or tackling problems, get in touch - you are guaranteed a friendly and understanding welcome.

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Following the latest government guidance our face-to-face classes are currently suspended.

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Dogs Trust Dog School classes combine training skills and exercises to prepare your dog for everyday life. We give you lots of information to help you understand your pooch and avoid common behavioural issues.

4 classes on a 4 week programme for only £65

School Trainers

Robert Brown, Head Coach

Robert has been the Head Coach of Dog School Cambridgeshire since November 2019. Robert initially joined our team as Senior Coach in June 2019, having previously worked as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in the Cambridgeshire area.

During his time as a Veterinary Nurse Robert would run puppy Pre-schools for clients and their dogs, providing help and advice for many training, developmental and behavioural issues, alongside the other duties of a Veterinary Nurse.

Robert has trained dogs in many different disciplines. These include obedience, agility, scent-work and working trials. He is passionate about animal welfare and loves helping owners develop bonds through training and communication with their dogs.

Robert is currently owned by a Border Collie named Londo, A Westie x Cairn Terrier named Bobby and a Belgian Malinois named Fire.

Rowana Walton, Senior Coach

Rowana has had a passion for animals since an early age and spent most of her childhood roaming the countryside with her horses and dogs. This passion led her to pursue a career in biodiversity conservation and research, working overseas for many years in several enviable tropical locations. Whilst living in the Seychelles she became involved in an animal welfare charity who aimed to help with the burgeoning stray and abandoned dog population of the country. This inspiring experience led her to change careers from teaching university students, to return to the UK to teach dogs and their owners. Rowana also loves to train her own two dogs, Fergus (a rescue from Seychelles) and Bertie (a sprocker spaniel).

Ashlie Holmes, Coach

Ashlie joined Dog School as a volunteer with Dog School Cambridgeshire at the beginning of 2019 before jumping at the chance to become a coach for the team.

She started her animal carer as an animal technician 10 years ago, spending the first 5 years working with a variety of animals, ranging from farm livestock and domestic pets to reptiles and aquatic species, all alongside qualifying and working as a nursery nurse. The last 5 years have seen her dedicate her time to working with and training dogs in a Clinical environment, further developing her understanding of behaviour.

2 years ago Kevin, a 10 month old mischievous rescue Beagle came into her life, and after a year (as if 1 was not enough…) she rehomed another Beagle, called Rhana. Recently adding Twiglet, a Lop-cross rabbit and a corn snake named Cornwallace to her menagerie.

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