On-lead dog walks for the pup about town

The last couple of months have seen lots of discussions of the recent changes in dog lead laws around Bristol. We are so lucky in Bristol that we have such wonderfully green places where we can let our dogs run, sniff and play with other dogs. Letting our dogs run and interact with other dogs provides necessary social and mental stimulation. However, not all dogs feel comfortable with unknown dogs running up to them, that may be because they have some sort of physical discomfort, are perhaps anxious around other dogs or they might just be in training and having another dog run up to them would ruin their concentration.

There are loads of reasons that an owner might not want an off lead dog running up to their on-lead dogs so it is great that the new lead laws give owners more choice about what kind of walks they want to take their dogs on. The idea of this blog was to provide a shortlist of the best on-lead dog walks in Bristol.


Portishead Marina

Due to the open water, Portishead Marina is an on-lead dog walking zone. The walkways at the marina are wider than your average footpath so good for dogs who need a bit of space but the marina can get very busy on the weekends. There are also plenty of dog-friendly cafes and pubs.

Chew Valley Lake

In order to preserve the Wildlife and because the lake is a nature reserve all the areas that dogs are allowed are on-lead, there are also a couple of areas where dogs are not allowed. There is lots of space to get away from other dogs if you need to but at this time of year, you might need to be prepared to get your boots muddy.
There are brilliant wildlife and views and at the end of your walk, you can treat yourself to award-winning fish and chips.

South Bristol Cemetery and Arnos Vale Cemetery

All cemeteries have on-lead dog rules which makes them very peaceful places for dog walks. We regularly send out students to South Bristol Cemetery to practice their settles or loose lead walking.

Arnos Vale Cemetery has a Public Space Protection Order to enforce responsible dog ownership and the enforcement team from Bristol City Council regularly patrol the cemetery. Some of the tracks are quite narrow however there is plenty of space to walk within the 45 acres of the site.


There are several very beautiful walks on the grounds of Tynesfield. Whether you feel like a woodland or a field walk there is something for everyone. There are many areas that the dogs are not allowed in but these are clearly signposted. You can find all the information at their website here.

Wherever you decide to go with your dogs don’t forget to A) take treats, b) take poo bags, C) have loads of fun! To find out more about Bristol's classes and events drop us an email at [email protected]