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For years, Dogs Trust have been taking in stray or unlucky dogs and training and caring for them until we can find them new forever homes. To do that, we’ve had to help thousands of dogs overcome training and behaviour problems. We’ve learned that it’s the relationship between dog and owner that’s key, and our expertise is in building better relationships; happy families.

Now we’re using our experience and expertise to do even more – helping everyone from first-time owners to passionate doggy people build stronger, healthier and happier relationships with their dogs.

We hope that in helping to turn owners and their dogs into happy families earlier, Dogs Trust won’t need to pick up the pieces later when the relationships break down.

With a range of courses and consultations on offer, it doesn’t matter whether you bring your puppy Pomeranian or senior Staffie – our professional trainers and coaches are here to help, so you can be sure you’re in the right hands.

Built on learning trust and positive reinforcement, our training gives both you and your dog the skills you need to understand each other and build a rewarding life-long relationship. So come along, get involved and add some extra ‘happy’ into your family.

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