Dog School

  •  4 lessons for a total of £65
  •  Coach led group classes

Expert advice and practical training to help you and your pooch understand each other better.

We are now resuming some of our face-to-face training classes across the UK. Availability is dependent on government guidance and individual training venues reopening.

We will also continue to run our virtual training classes. You can find out more about these classes below:

Enquire below to find out more about classes in your local area

Read on to find out what makes Dog School so unique, see our Lesson plan and FAQs and find your nearest class!

Our approach

At Dogs Trust we train dogs using reward based methods, and do not advocate the use of any training equiptment which changes behaviour by causing pain or fear in dogs.

  • Reward based training enhances the bond between dog and owner
  • It is easier for dogs to learn if we reward them for doing the right behaviours rather than telling them off when they get things wrong
  • Dogs which are trained with rewards enjoy learning - they are a partner in the training sessions and often 'offer' new behaviours to see if they get a reward
  • Reward based training will not cause pain or injury to dogs
  • Reward based training does not rely on making dogs worried or frightened, so there is less danger of causing problem behaviours
  • Reward based training works to change behaviour
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