What do I do if I've lost my dog?

Contact your Local Authority Dog Warden

The Dog or Animal Warden for your local Council, they are legally responsible for stray dogs and the most likely to have picked them up! Call surrounding areas too, dogs can travel quite far when they want to! Your local Dog Warden through the Environmental Health Department of your local council. Please note that the Council must legally hold onto a stray dog for only 7 days (5 days in Northern Ireland) before they can rehome him, pass him onto a rehoming organisation, or have him humanely put to sleep.

Contact your local authority

Contact Local Kennels, Rehoming Centres and Vets

  1. All kennels in your area, including the holding kennels for your local Council and anyboarding kennels.
  2. All the dog rehoming centres in your area, such as Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Blue Cross and Battersea, and don’t forget the small local sanctuaries.
  3. If your dog is a pedigree, try local breeders. Contact the Kennel Club on 0870 6066750 for details of your local breed rescue group.
  4. All the vets in your area. Ask the vet if they can put a Lost Dog poster up in their surgery and leave your details with them to contact you, should your dog be brought in.

Noticeboards, Registers and Social Media

  1. Ask your local supermarket, shops, libraries, newsagents f you can put a Lost Dog poster on their noticeboard.
  2. Social Media is free and very effective – post to Facebook, Twitter Instagram etc so that your friends and followers can join the search.
  3. If you live within the M25 motorway, you can also try the Battersea Lost Dogs & Cats Line (020 7627 9245. Lines are open from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm).

Local Areas & Buildings

  1. Visit places where you usually walk your dog; he may have just decided to walk himself!
  2. Look around your local area and if you have moved house recently, ask around at your last address.
  3. If there are any building sites or workmen in your area, ask around in case your dog has become trapped somewhere on site.

Microchip database

Don’t forget to contact your microchip database to tell them that your dog is lost. They can notify you if someone tries to change your dog’s chip details. It is also important that you notify the database to let them know if your dog is found.

Every dog has the potential to stray or be stolen. Read our advice to learn how best to protect yourself from dog theft.

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