Help your hound adjust to post-lockdown life


For many of us, lockdown has been an opportunity to spend more time with our dogs. As restrictions start to ease, we need to think about how eased restrictions could affect our four-legged friends. Dogs are creatures of habit and will have got used to having us around all the time and having less interaction with the outside world. 

We’ve got lots of tips to help support you and your dog during the Coronavirus outbreak , If you’re struggling, or feel you can no longer care your dog, please call us on 0300 303 2188 or contact us via our form.  In these difficult times we understand that circumstances can change, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

  1. You may need to get your dog used to spending time on their own again, after so much company during lockdown.

    Make sure your dog has a comfy bed or den, where they can relax, and give them something fun to keep busy, like a long-lasting treat or puzzle toy. While they’re occupied, move away from them and reward them for staying settled. Build up to spending time in a different room, and build this into their daily routine

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  2. It’s really useful  to train your dog to stay calm when visitors come to the door, here’s how

    More tips for welcoming guests:

    • Make sure your dog has their own safe space to retreat, if they need to. It might be overwhelming for them to have visitors after so long without them! Ask your guests to leave your dog alone when they’re in their space.
    • If you have children to visit, always supervise your dog around them.
    • Wash your hands after touching your dog and ask your guests to do the same - a dog’s coat, lead, toys etc, could carry coronavirus just like any other surface.

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  3. Travel by car - If your dog hasn't been out in the car much in the past few months, get them used to travelling again by re-introducing them to the car and their harness or crate. Use lots of tasty treats to tempt and reward them.

    Public transport.  - public transport can open up a whole vista of new adventures for you and your dog. Before you travel, check out our advice for keeping your pooch safe and happy.

    Facemasks - seeing people with their faces covered could be confusing for your dog, so before you head out, teach them that masks are nothing to worry about.

    An infographic on how to train your dog to be ok around face masks  

  4. Warm weather - If you're planning to go out with your dog in warm weather, here's how to keep them happy and healthy

    Picnic etiquette  - Eating alfresco can be a tricky with a dog! With these training tips, your dog will be picnic-ready in no time.

    Walks - with social distancing still in place, so you may want to keep using a lead when out walking or refresh your dogs training to make sure your dog comes back to you every time. Read our advice for getting your dog’s attention out and about, refreshing their recall  and teaching them to leave

    Don’t be afraid to ask people not to pet your dog.

    Make the most of your walks during lockdown  

  5. For some people, the lifting of lockdown might make it harder to care for a dog, or may even mean they can’t accommodate a pet in their lives anymore. If you are thinking you may need to give up your dog, please call us on 0300 303 2188 or contact us via our form. In these difficult times we understand that circumstances can change, and we’ll do everything we can to help. Our centres are closed to the public, but we’re still taking in dogs who need new homes. More information about giving up your dog

    If you’ve adopted a Dogs Trust dog, we’ll give you advice and support for their lifetime. Our Post Adoption Support team are available 7 days a week to help with any behavioural concerns, big or small. If you need our help, don’t hesitate to contact 0303 003 0000.