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Understanding our canine friends is an important skill for the whole family. Our workshop is designed for those with a dog, who are planning to get a dog, or just want a better understanding of how to care for dogs and how to build safe, loving relationships with them.

Our family workshop is suitable for children aged seven and above. If your children are younger than seven years old, you may find our online resources useful instead.

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A family guide to safe behaviour and responsible ownership – what we cover:

The workshop focuses on how to behave safely around dogs, as well as what they need to be healthy and happy.

While it’s targeted at families who have a dog (or are planning to get one), you’re still welcome to join us if you don’t have a dog and have no plans to get one.

You’ll all learn together, but the focus for adults and for children will be different. The adults in your family will learn about:

  • training your dog
  • enrichment for your pet
  • actively supervising children and dogs
  • understanding dog body language
  • responsible dog ownership.

The children in your family will learn about:

  • safe behaviour around dogs
  • building a positive, safe relationship with their pet
  • helping with dog training and enrichment (where appropriate and with adult supervision).

How you’ll learn

The online workshops are delivered by our Education and Community Officers. Each will include a presentation, family activities, group discussions and demonstrations.

They’ll last for between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on how much interaction there is on the day. You’ll have the chance to ask questions throughout.

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Here’s what parents had to say about our workshops:

“Our adviser was fantastic, spoke to the children appropriately, praised them lots for correct answers and encouraged them to participate.”

“Information was explained in a relevant way and our child's additional to needs were accommodated in a very inclusive way.”

“The adviser was excellent she spoke to me prior to the session, gave me a brief overview and asked questions about our dogs homelife and what understanding my son had. She also listened to my concerns re dog safety with my children.”

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If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact our Education and Community team by email on [email protected]

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