12 Days of Christmas

The nice and naughty realities of dog ownership

Canine carers in festive hats playing with three dogs

Take a look at our list of 12 naughty and nice realities of dog ownership.

On average, we receive a call every six minutes from someone wanting to give up their dog. People can give up dogs for all sorts of reasons, but we are encouraging people to make sure they’re ready for the commitment by sharing 12 naughty and nice realities of dog ownership.

An illustration of the 12 days of Christmas for dog owners  

Dogs give us so much love and joy, but along with the warm snuggles and fluffy ears comes the muddy paws and dog hair everywhere. We wouldn't change our furry besties, but the reality of owning a dog can be hard work.

Getting a dog should be a thoroughly researched decision that considers the financial, physical and emotional responsibilities of dog ownership. Christmas can be a very busy time with visiting family members, travelling and new and exciting sights and sounds, which is sometimes not the best environment to introduce a dog to your family. If you are thinking about getting a dog this Christmas, read our 5 reasons why now might not be the best time.

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Sharing your life with a dog is wonderful but it's now so easy to give or get a dog on impulse. We want everyone to 'paws' and consider before bringing a dog home.

Please share our important message that A dog is for life, not just for Christmas® and help us encourage people to make sure that they are ready before they bring a dog into their life.

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