Autumn and winter advice

A dog holding a ball in its mouth in frosty grass

From fireworks to festive tinsel, the Autumn-Winter period can bring lots of different experiences that your dog may not have encountered before. Our advice will help make sure they are happy and safe – whatever the weather or occasion.

Cold weather advice

When the temperatures drop and wintry weather arrives, our four-legged friends need to be ready for winter. We have some helpful tips to keep your dog safe and warm and avoid potentially hazardous winter walks.

Keeping your dog safe at Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year for many, but the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas can be a sensory overload for your dog. We've put together a useful guide to helping your four-legged friends enjoy the festivities to the full whilst staying healthy and happy.

Be Dog Smart this Christmas

Christmas can bring changes in routine as well as visiting relatives and children. Learn how to Be Dog Smart to ensure everyone has a fun and safe Christmas.

12 days of Christmas

Thinking of getting a dog? Take a look at our list of 12 naughty and nice realities of dog ownership before you do.

How to build a Doggy Den

A doggy den is a great way to help your dogs to feel safe, secure and cosy. A den acts as a safe place for a dog to retreat where they feel comfortable and know they won’t be disturbed. It’s really easy to make and can be put together with things you already have.

Seasonal enrichment ideas

Festive food for dogs

Watch our video and learn how to make a dog-friendly Christmas meal designed by our veterinary team - a delicious treat for your dog this Christmas.

A dog using a Snuffle Mat

How to make a snuffle mat

Our simple DIY Snuffle Mat is easy and cost-friendly to make and will keep your dog content and occupied. Learn how to make it in just four simple steps.

Autumn enrichment

Make the most of autumnal leaves with this fun enrichment idea for dogs. All you need is a container, some fresh dry leaves and your dog's favourite tasty treats.

Take your dog on an autumnal adventure

As the nights draw in and the days get shorter, why not cheer yourself up with an autumnal adventure? Read our tips for a pawsome holiday with your pooch.

Storms and flooding

Take a look at our top tips and advice on how to keep your dog safe and happy during storms or flooding.

Top tips for keeping your dog safe at Halloween

Halloween can be fun for the whole family but might be stressful and dangerous for your dog. Your dog may be exposed to many unfamiliar sights and sounds, especially with so many scary costumes about.

DIY Pumpkin fro-yo treats for dogs

Many human treats, especially chocolate, are toxic to dogs. These quick and easy pumpkin frozen yoghurt bites are great to have on hand to distract your dog from human sweets.

Preparing your dog for fireworks

If you dog cowers at Catherine wheels, is spooked by sparklers or rattled by rockets, we're on hand to help calm those canine quivers. Find out more about what to do to prepare your dog for fireworks.