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Volunteer Dog Foster Carer

We are always looking for dog foster carers to help with our Home from Home Scheme and our Freedom Project. Foster caring involves temporarily looking after and caring for a dog in your own home. This role is perfect for people who have experience of owning a dog but are unable to commit to owning one permanently. We have two very different schemes at Dogs Trust which require dog fosterers.

Home from Home Fostering

All of our rehoming centres have waiting lists for dogs that need help as our kennels are nearly always full to capacity. By using foster homes, we are able to help an increasing number of dogs and avoid unnecessary mistreatment or destruction where there may be a delay in a rehoming centre being able to take a dog in. In addition to this there are also a number of dogs who may not be adjusting well to living in kennels such as bitches with puppies’, elderly dogs and dogs with medical conditions who would benefit from being in a home environment. Foster placements can vary in length. In normal circumstances they would usually last from one week to up to four months.

Freedom Project Foster Careers

Our Freedom Project is a dog fostering service for families fleeing domestic violence in Greater London, Hertfordshire and Yorkshire. Volunteer foster carers play a crucial role by providing vulnerable dogs with a loving home until their owners are in a position to be reunited with them. Given the nature of the project, we quite often need placements for dogs at short notice. As such, we look for volunteers who are committed and flexible as these are invaluable qualities that enable us to assist families in crisis. Foster placements generally last between six to nine months, and provide the necessary support throughout this time.

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 Not sure if this role is for you? Download a case study from some current Foster Carers...

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