Volunteering FAQs


How do I become a volunteer?

First you’ll need to identify a suitable role at one of our Rehoming Centres or charity shops. Once you have found the role you’re interested in, please complete an application form and return it to your chosen location. From here, we’ll consider your application against the role criteria and if you’re a good match we will invite you in for an informal interview.

How much time do I need to commit?

The actual time commitment will vary from role to role. However, on average our volunteers contribute around 3 hours of their time every week to volunteering for us. You’ll be able to find out more information within each of our role descriptions.

What age should I be to volunteer with you?

We do ask that all of our volunteers are over the age of 18.

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer?

Generally, No. You don’t need specific skills to volunteer with us. It may be beneficial to have a working knowledge in some areas - in maintenance and gardening roles, for example - but we welcome applications from everyone.

Any particular experience or skills required will be listed on the role description.

Volunteering can be a fantastic way to develop new skills and gain further experience and we’d love for you to be able to do that with us.

I've never owned a dog before. Will this affect my chance of volunteering?

No! We know that not everyone will have had the opportunity to own a dog before. Not all of our volunteer roles involve direct contact with the dogs, but for those that do, if you’re willing to get stuck in and experience the joys of engaging with our dogs then please get in touch!

Do you offer any training?

Yes, absolutely! It’s important that all of our volunteers are comfortable and confident in the volunteering roles we offer. For this reason we offer a comprehensive induction to our volunteers across all areas of the organisation. Where additional role specific training is required this will be provided and suitable to the role being undertaken.

I’m receiving benefits. Will volunteering with Dogs Trust affect these?

No. Volunteering should not affect the benefits you receive. It is generally advised to check with your local issuing authority though, just to be sure.

Will I need to bring anything with me to volunteer with you?

We will need to see photographic evidence of your identity, such as a passport or drivers licence and we will need to see a current proof of address. You can bring these along to the informal interview stage, just so we can verify your identity. We will also expect you to wear suitable clothing for the task in hand, so sturdy walking boots or wellies if working alongside our dogs.

I’m not a British national, can I still volunteer?

If you are a resident of one of the member states within the EU/EEA there are no restrictions on volunteering. However, if you are from a country outside of the EU/EEA, then we will ask you to demonstrate your eligibility to volunteer by providing evidence that you are able to work within the UK, even though volunteering is not paid employment.

Will I need a vaccination against Tetanus?

Although rare (only 4 reported cases in the UK during 2016*) it is recommended that all volunteers coming into direct contact with our dogs have an up to date Tetanus vaccination.

*NHS Choices
Who do I contact for further information?

You can contact your local Rehoming Centre / shop for further information, alternatively feel free to contact our London office on [email protected].

What roles do you have available?

You can check out our “Pawsome” Volunteering opportunities here

What do you do with my personal information?

If you apply to volunteer with us, we’ll need to collect the personal information you provide to process your application. We may undertake monitoring of recruitment statistics, but we won’t disclose information to a third party without your consent, unless the disclosure is required by law, such as taking up a reference, or obtaining ‘disclosure’ from the Disclosure & Barring Service.

Our Centres may also share volunteer information with us, for the purposes of keeping a register of current volunteers. Further, your personal information will be held and processed so that we can contact you about future volunteering opportunities. We’ll only hold information relating to the nature of your voluntary work and we’ll delete it in accordance with our retention policies.

You can read our Volunteer Policy here.