Captain Tom 100

You’ve done the 2.6 challenge, now it’s time for the Captain Tom 100!

This April the UK is embarking on a new and very special fundraising event inspired by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, the man who at aged 100 walked 100 times around his garden and captured the hearts of the whole world, as well as raising an incredible amount for our NHS.


The event will take place on Friday 30th April, which would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday, and throughout the bank holiday weekend to Monday 3rd May.

The Captain Tom Foundation have teamed up with London Marathon Events who organised last year’s 2.6 Challenge. As with the 2.6 Challenge the event is based around the number, this time it’s 100. So we’re asking you to take part in an activity of your choice based around the number 100 and fundraise or donate to support us.

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How can I take part in the Captain Tom 100?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what you’d like to do. If you have your own idea or your own way of doing your activity, go ahead! Ask your friends and family to donate whatever they can. All donations no matter what size will help us in look after the many dogs in our care.

1. Sponsored silence

Could you do a 100 hour marathon of silence or maybe 100 minutes is a challenge enough for you?

2. Baking challenge

Are you the next Heston Blumenthal or Mary Berry? Could you make a cake in the shape of the numbers 100 or 100 cakes? That’s a lot of cake to get your teeth into!

3. Gaming tournament

Calling all gamers! Get on Twitch and have 100 rounds of your favourite game to find the ultimate champion!

4. Distance Challenge

Run, walk or cycle for 100k in your local area. You could even try doing this in your home or garden!

5. Endurance challenge

Is 100 seconds a long time? How about 100 minutes? Could you hula-hoop, skip or play a musical instrument for said time?

6. The workout

One for the gym bunnies. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Try out 100 sofa-tricep dips
  • Hop on each leg 100 times
  • Do 100 step-ups
  • Complete 100 shoulder shrugs
  • Challenge yourself to 100 press ups

7. Yoga or pilates

Hold a  session of yoga or pilates that lasts 100 minutes.

8. Hold a pose

Hold a pose, like a plank for 100 seconds.

9. Rally challenge

Simply pass that beachball, frisbee, tennis ball or shuttlecock 100 times without dropping it – easy isn’t it?

10. Ball challenge

Be a winner! Score 100 consecutive goals, baskets or netballs.

11. Be a dog!

Spend 1 hour 40 minutes as a dog! Dress up, walk on all fours, eat and drink from dog bowls. Above all only talk with ‘woof’!

12. Art challenge

Draw or paint 100 different dogs from our rehoming pages or any dogs you wish!

13. Singing challenge

Calling all vocalists! Could you sing for 1 hour 40 mins? Even better if you only sing songs about dogs! If you want to show off your skills, get on the internet and perform to your friends.

14. Shave your head

Is all this staying at home making you look a bit unkept or are you due that annual haircut? Get 100 people to sponsor and go for the chop!

16. Garden time

Complete 100 laps of the garden on foot, running, cycling, on your scooter or on roller skates or on all fours like our canine friends!

17. Danceathon

Dance like no one’s watching! Take part with people at home or online and dance non-stop for 100 minutes. Go further and hold a 1 hour 40 minute dance session (take breaks in your own time)