99k for Canines walking challenge

What is the 99k for Canines walking challenge? 

The 99k for Canines is a walking challenge in aid of Dogs Trust. Dog lovers who sign up will aim to walk 99km throughout the month of February with or without their dogs:


  • We ask for dog lovers taking part to set up a Facebook Fundraiser so they can ask their friends and family to sponsor their challenge. Find out how to set up a Facebook fundraiser here.
  • Everyone taking part can join the Facebook Group to share photos and updates of their dogs and walks with the 99k for Canines community.
  • If you aren’t a Facebook user, you can also fundraise by creating a JustGiving page here
  • If you do not want to fundraise, we would appreciate a donation to our work to help cover the costs of sending sponsorship packs. You can donate here.

The great thing about this walking challenge is that you can take as long as you need. You can start early, or finish a little later, it doesn’t matter. If you need longer than the month, that’s no problem at all; just complete it a pace that suits you (and your pooch!). You can even walk more than 99k if you’re feeling up to the challenge, it’s up to you!

Everyone who signs up will be sent a sponsorship pack which includes:

  • A 99K for Canines bandana(s) for your dog(s) if you’re walking with them
  • A sponsorship form
  • An information booklet with tips, FAQs and a daily distance tracker

We will be sending the packs regularly, but it can take up to a week to be posted to you. Don't worry if yours doesn't arrive right away.

Taking part in the 99k for Canines challenge

How do I keep track of how many kms I have walked?

The best way is to use your smart phone. If you have an iPhone or Samsung there will be a preinstalled ‘Health’ App that tracks your daily steps and distance walked. Other apps you can use are: Strava, Runkeeper, Map My Walk and others. If not, you can always have a look on a map (digital or printed) to calculate your distances.

We will also send you a paper km tracker in your pack so you can tot up your daily kms.

Do I have to prove I have walked the 99k?

You don’t need to provide proof but you can post pictures and updates on your Facebook Fundraising page with your daily or weekly kms so everyone can see your progress including the friends and family who have sponsored you. For safety reasons it is best not to share your walking routes.

Everyone who takes part can request a certificate at the end of the challenge, thanking them for helping ensure more dogs find their forever home. There will also be images that you can share on your fundraising page, sent through regular email updates and via the Facebook group.

How do I keep my dog healthy and happy during 99k for Canines?

However you decide to complete the 99k for Canines event, our top priority is for you and your dog to be safe and happy throughout the event. As well as the chance to go to the toilet outside the home, spending time outdoors gives dogs the opportunity to exercise their brains, bodies and all their senses in a natural way. It can help them keep fit, healthy and enjoy themselves, so we hope that your dog can take part in the event.

But we know that each dog is different, and for many reasons they need different amounts and types of exercise. Age, health issues, shape of face, length of body/legs and other mobility issues can all be factors in deciding if your dog can complete the challenge, and how you will go about it. Your vet can provide specific advice for your dog if you need.

Puppies are most welcome to take part however at a reduced level because they have different exercise requirements to adult dogs. While puppies are growing, developing strength, stamina and general fitness, it’s important to ensure they’re avoiding over-exertion, always benefitting from activity and enjoying it. We recommend speaking to your vet to help decide what distance your puppy can walk.

If you, or your canine companion can’t complete the challenge for any reason, we are sure your friends won’t mind if you extend the dates to complete it, reduce the distance, or complete some of the distance on your own. We certainly won’t!

Some general information is below, but we lots more useful tips and help for how to keep your dog fit and healthy during winter weather can be found here.

Keeping your dog safe this winter  

Thank you for taking part in the Dogs Trust 99k for Canines walking challenge.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or post a question in the Facebook group