Fundraising ideas

Fundraising ideas

Sky diving to raise money for Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Challenges

You could take part in lots of different events through our events partner Skyline. For more info call Skyline on 020 7424 5511, visit Skyline's website or e-mail our fundraising team!

Skydive and take the plunge!

There are a range of skydive locations, so check out the options here: Jumping for Dogs Trust.

Your own event

Every year thousands of people do things to raise money for Dogs Trust. These range from the popular, like having a car boot sale or cake bake, to the more unusual such as living in a kennel for 48 hours! Every penny helps, but however you choose to raise funds for dogs, just remember to have fun doing it! 

Here are some ideas for raising funds for dogs in our care: 

Sponsored walks or runs

Sponsored silences (shh!)

Car boot sales

Sell items on Ebay

Bake sales

Shaving your head

Giving up smoking

Anything you like!


Just let us know what you are doing and set up your online sponsorship form at JustGiving - a website for setting up your own fundraising page. Make and receive donations online – it’s easy for you and your supporters to use!

Get in touch

We're here to help you achieve your fundraising goals. If you haven't already be sure to get our fundraising pack packed full of useful information and an order form for some fantastic free promotional items.

If you'd like to ask our fundraising team a question, or tell them about your fundraising, they'd love to hear from you!

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