Ten tips to make your home dog-friendly

Dog sitting on a woman's lap as she looks down and smiles at him

Dogs can provide wonderful company and friendship and turn any house into a home. Whatever type of home you have, from a flat to a farm, you need to ensure that it is a safe place for your dog to live happily and comfortably. From dog proofing to fending off fleas, we’ve put together a list of ten important things you need to make sure your home provides for your dog. 

Learn to understand your dog’s body language

Knowing how your dog communicates with you means you can respond to their needs and make sure your home is always a safe and happy place for them.

Discover how to make your dog happy and how to understand your dog's body language. [cards below]

How to make your dog happy

Our top ten tips will help ensure you make your dog as happy as they make you.

Make sure they’ve got all the basic things they need

As well as regular exercise, mental stimulation and nutritious meals, they will need constant access to clean, fresh water. They will also need a cosy bed in a quiet, calm place where they know they can go to relax.


Beware of household items that could be dangerous

Make sure that your dog doesn’t have access to any toxins, such as poisonous houseplants, cleaning products or medicines.

Keep these in a secure place your dog can’t get to — you could put a latch on cupboards or use a baby gate to make sure your dog can’t get to them. 

Keep hazardous foods out of reach

Things like onions, dark chocolate or chicken bones could be really harmful to your dog. Keep kitchen sides clear and secure any bins so that they can’t access anything that could be bad for them.  

[below - cards for toxic stuff]

Secure your house and garden

Make sure you’ve got sturdy locks on doors and gates. Check your fences are secure and free of broken panels and gaps your pooch could wriggle through. Check whether the plants in your garden are safe for dogs.

Preventing pet theft and what to do if a dog is stolen

Are you worried about your dog being stolen? Find out how to keep them safe and what to do if they are taken.

Keeping your garden dog-friendly

Create a pooch-friendly outdoor space, from plants to paddling pools

How to train your dog to be patient in doorways

A guide to teaching your dog to walk through doors safely and calmly.

Clear away clutter

Don’t leave things lying around that your dog could chew, choke on or swallow. This includes things like lego and jewellery. Keep breakables out of reach so that they can’t get smashed and break into sharp shards.

In bathrooms, secure toilet lids and keep items like sponges, soaps, bath bombs and razors out of your dog’s reach. 

How to train your dog to leave it

Discover ways to teach your dog to leave something with our step-by-step guide.

How to stop your dog chewing and mouthing

Training your dog to express this behaviour in a safe and acceptable way

Help your dog avoid hazards

Keep cables and wires secure, covered, or on a high surface, so your dog can’t chew them. Tie up things like curtain cords or blind strings to prevent your dog from getting caught.

Consider putting something like masking tape or window decorations on large glass doors (at least while your dog gets used to them) to stop your dog from walking or running into things and getting hurt. 

Training at home

Training designed to help you and your dog have a happy home life

Fend off fleas

Flea-treat your dog regularly to prevent fleas from being able to live on your dog or within your home. It is much easier to prevent an infestation than to deal with one once it has taken over your home! 

How do I treat my dog for fleas?

Find out how to prevent your dog getting fleas as well as a step-by-step guide to applying the treatment.

Make sure furniture is Fido-friendly

Consider if your furniture is appropriate for life with your dog. Items such as rocking chairs, recliners or glass tables could easily become hazardous. 

Check the temperature

If dogs are too hot and can’t reduce their body temperature by panting, they may develop heatstroke which can be fatal.

Make sure their bed isn’t too close to a heat source. If you have an open fire, cover it with a guard to stop your dog from getting too close.  

Seasonal advice

Discover how to keep your dog safe and happy throughout the year, whatever the weather.

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