Our suppliers

We pride ourselves on being an open, transparent and responsible organisation. Our reputation is built on our values as a charity and our commitment to acting with integrity throughout our organisation. 

We believe that strong relationships between our charity, our suppliers and our partners are part of the core of our successful operation. As part of this commitment we only deal with companies who share our values.

We expect that all new and existing entities who contract with us will comply with the following, non-exhaustive, ethical terms. By agreeing to contract with us on behalf of your organisation you confirm that it:

1. Is in compliance with the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals and/or Animal Welfare Act 2006;

2. Does not deal with parties who engage in animal cruelty;

3. Is committed to ensuring Dogs Trust supply chains are free from forced labour practices;

4. Conducts business fairly, honestly and openly;

5. Is committed to preventing bribery and corruption;

6. Is committed to complying with privacy and data security obligations;

7. Is not involved in any activity that would breach any the above.

We expect our suppliers to hold their own suppliers accountable to these same minimum expectations. In the event that an organisation fails to meet these expectations, we reserve the right to review and terminate our contract with them.

If you have any concerns, or are aware of any suspected or potential violations, please email us immediately.