Our door-to-door fundraising

Discover all there is to know about our door to door fundraising.

Doodles the Terrier Cross standing in the garden of his forever home

Face-to-face fundraising is an essential and highly effective part of our fundraising programme. It enables our fundraisers to provide people with an opportunity to learn about the work we do, as well as find as new supporters.  

As a publicly-supported charity receiving no government funding, we’re very grateful to all our supporters. Your donations help us continue to provide life-changing care and forever homes for the thousands of dogs who come through our doors each year.  

It’s incredibly important to us that we keep the public and our fundraisers safe. We ensure all of our fundraising representatives comply with all guidance set out by the CIOF and the Fundraising Regulator, and regularly assess fundraiser training to ensure the highest possible standards.  

How to identify our face-to-face fundraisers

All our fundraisers can be identified by their photographic ID badge and Dogs Trust branded clothing. To confirm the identity of a fundraiser, you can call the phone number on their photo identification badge.

We fundraise in two main ways :

  • on private sites such as events, supermarkets and shows
  • by going door-to-door

We really appreciate every bit of support we receive. You can read more about our fundraising below and if you have any more queries, please email our fundraising team or call us on 020 7837 0006.  

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