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A dog on the sofa whilst a Shark vacuum cleaner is being used

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, and so much hair! All pet owners out there know that no matter how much we love our cuddly friends, all that fluff on our fur-niture can be endless!

We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Shark on their range of TruePet vacuum cleaners. Not only have Shark been creating cutting edge cleaning products, they also consider pet care to be a part of their core values.

Shark will donate 25p per charity to Dogs Trust and Cats Protection* for every UK sale of a TruePet vacuum cleaner through Shark’s website, committing to raising at least £33,500.00 for each charity during a one-year period.

For more information about our partnership and to purchase a TruePet vacuum cleaner, visit Shark's website.

Visit Shark's website  

A dog sat next to a Shark vacuum cleaner  

It's important that our pups learn that the sight, sound and smell of the vacuum cleaner being used isn't scary, because it's something they're probably going to be experiencing a lot of!

It's worth taking a little time to help your dog out by introducing the vacuum cleaner gently, as dogs aren't necessarily able to understand this is a very cool way of keeping our homes clean and might find it exciting or scary due to the noise, vibration and movement!

A dog on the sofa whilst a Shark vacuum is used

Introducing a vacuum cleaner to your dog

We've put together some step-by-step tips for introducing the vacuum cleaner to your dog.

Read our guide >




*Cats Protection Registered Charity No’s: 203644 & SC037711