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The demand for dogs is soaring.

But at what cost? The Pandemic has seen the demand for dogs reach record levels. Help us care for the puppies who are sadly paying the price to meet it.

Unscrupulous smugglers, irresponsible breeders and illegal dealers have seen the pandemic dog demand as opportunity to make huge profit and so continue to smuggle puppies across the UK borders to be sold onto the unsuspecting public. Heartbreakingly many innocent dogs’ lives are being put at risk in the process.

Dogs like Peggy, Sean and Tara.



Peggy was found crammed in the back of a van, terrified and covered in engine oil after being Forced to travel like this for over 24 hours. She urgently needed our help to survive.

In our special puppy block, we set to work straight away on easing Peggy’s discomfort with veterinary treatment. The oil in her fur was so thick that it had to be shaved. To keep her warm we put her in jumpers and gave her cosy bedding and blankets to snuggle in. Thanks to the support of people like you, dogs like Peggy and her siblings are finally happy, healthy, and safe.

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They pay the price. But you can change their lives.


Sean was only eight-weeks old when he was discovered at the UK border. Terrified, in pain and unable to see, this poor pup was suffering with a condition (likely the result of poor breeding) where his eyelids rolled inwards and rubbed on his eyes. He needed immediate help.

We made sure Sean received urgent surgery to correct his eye condition, allowing him to finally see the world around him. Having been in the dark and in discomfort for so long, Sean needed help coming out of his shell, so our behaviourists spent valuable time with him. Now he gets really excitable to see everyone. Because of your help, dogs like Sean can get the treatment they need to be happy and healthy.

Tara forced to travel in a small cat carrier with four other puppies. None of them were older than five weeks – far too young to be away from their mothers. Smuggled pups like these are often too young to be properly vaccinated and are much more susceptible to catching deadly diseases during transportation to UK borders. Three of the pups contracted parvovirus before coming into our care and, despite our best efforts, very sadly died, leaving Tara and one other still in need of our help.

Despite also catching the deadly disease, thanks to our urgent treatment and round the clock care, Tara pulled through. She and the other surviving pup now have everything they need to make a full recovery. This simply wouldn’t be possible without people like you.

Will you help to change the tale for innocent pups like Peggy, Sean and Tara who without our support may not have survived?


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