Hello, I'm Mikey

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Cocker Spaniel

About me

I’m a bouncy Cocker Spaniel with luscious red fur and a flair for the dramatic! I love to spend my time outdoors, pursuing my favourite hobby - birdwatching! Every time I spot one, I get super excited and make sure to let everyone know by giving a big bark! Although if it starts raining, I’ll be back inside in a flash; I’m not the biggest fan of bad weather and I especially do not like getting my fur wet! The ongoing works on the HS2 line near Dogs Trust West London are creating a huge amount of noise at the Centre, which has been very disruptive to some of our dogs. The welfare of our dogs is paramount, and so the decision has been made to move Mikey to Dogs Trust Shoreham.

Why I need sponsoring

I’ve been rehomed a couple of times since arriving Dogs Trust - though I’m always happy to meet someone new, I find being handled really uncomfortable, especially if it is someone I don’t know! I also struggle with sharing my things, which means that settling in a normal home has been really difficult for me! Luckily, my carers know me and my quirks really well, and life here at Dogs Trust West London is just grrreat!


  • Barking at birds
  • Sunbathing
  • My snuggle blanket!


  • Bad weather
  • Loud noises

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