Hello, I'm Mikey

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Cocker Spaniel

About me

I’m a bouncy Cocker Spaniel with luscious red fur and a flair for the dramatic! I love to spend my time outdoors, pursuing my favourite hobby - birdwatching! Every time I spot one, I get super excited and make sure to let everyone know by giving a big bark! Although if it starts raining, I’ll be back inside in a flash; I’m not the biggest fan of bad weather and I especially do not like getting my fur wet!

Why I need sponsoring

I’ve been rehomed a couple of times since arriving Dogs Trust - though I’m always happy to meet someone new, I find being handled really uncomfortable, especially if it is someone I don’t know! I also struggle with sharing my things, which means that settling in a normal home has been really difficult for me! Luckily, my carers know me and my quirks really well, and life here at Dogs Trust West London is just grrreat!


  • Barking at birds
  • Sunbathing
  • My snuggle blanket!


  • Bad weather
  • Loud noises

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