Hello, I'm Lola Belle

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Collie cross

About me

I’m a cheeky and energetic girl, who loves spending quality time with my carers for a bit of a cuddle and fuss. I’m a little nervous at meeting new people, but it doesn’t take long to win me over – especially if there are treats involved!

Why I need sponsoring

I first came to Dogs Trust as a puppy and found a home but was brought back a few years later because my owners couldn't cope with me. I've had a couple of homes since then but I'm quite protective of my toys and treats, and it takes me a while to learn to trust new people so I find a typical home difficult to cope with. I'm so glad that my carers understand my quirks though - they make life at Dogs Trust grrreat!


  • Trips in the car
  • Tasty treats


  • Strangers
  • Being groomed

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