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Hello, I'm Charlie

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About me

I'm a cheeky chappy with a lot of energy and, as I'm sure you can imagine, I love doing zoomies around and around the paddocks all day! Although when I'm not racing around the fields, you'll find me trying to master some fun food games! I'm a clever pooch and I'll do anything for some delicious food!

Why I need sponsoring

I have a lot of fun quirks, but can be a little shy when I first meet people. Once I'm comfortable though, all I want is love and attention! I can still be a little bit wary around people and other dogs when I'm snoozing in my bed, or relaxing on a sofa.


  • Food!
  • A comfy bed
  • Fluffy squeaky toys
  • Zoomies!


  • Getting out of bed!
  • Cats

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