Hello, I'm Boogie

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About me

I’m a playful boy who loves nothing more than sniffing around searching for treats. I’m always exploring the fields around the Centre discovering all the new smells and seeing what I can find in the tall grass! You’ll probably hear me first though because I bark and howl really loud to let everybody know when I’m on my walks; I just get so excited! I’m really affectionate so I have lots of human and doggy pals here at Dogs Trust Salisbury. I’m not too keen on sharing my food and toys but you can always count on me if you need a friend to go on an adventure with!

Why I need sponsoring

I originally came from Ireland and settled into Centre life straight away. They really care for me here; I get showered with fuss and cuddles and there’s so many fun places for me to sniff around. I’m a bit nervous around my food and can be protective over my toys so I’ve struggled to find my forever home. I’m also quite a noisy boy and my big booming bark can be a bit much for some people. Luckily my carers know all of my funny quirks and make sure I have the space I need when I’m playing or having my dinner and they don’t mind the barking – they know I’m just saying hello to them!


  • Food
  • Sniffing around
  • Walkies


  • Sharing food

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