How do you celebrate National Puppy Day?

And they call it puppy love. From terrific terriers to springing spaniels, we all get that gooey feeling inside when there’s a fluffy tiny tot nearby. Those paws, that waggy tail, those eyes that you could melt into. Serious cuteness overload.

On 23 March 2021, we celebrate National Puppy Day. We know what you’re thinking.  How do you celebrate National Puppy day? Whether you’re a pooch parent or just a doggo devotee, we’re here to help you have the ulti-mutt National Puppy Day.

10 ways to celebrate

Bake your pup a treat

If you fancy yourself the Mary Berry of the puppy world, we’ve got a whole bunch of mouth-watering recipes that will take you right to the finale of The Great British Bark Off. Pancakes, biscuits, pumpkin treats – the kitchen is your oyster. Ready, steady, BARK!

Share pics of your puppy

Strike a pose like you’re in Vanity Fur and tag your four-legged BFF.   Let’s get snapping and posting the real thing #nofilter.

Go on your pup’s favourite walk

We hear you. The past year has been non-stop walks. But your pooch loves nothing more than the great outdoors and having a good old explore. And really, we think you do too.

Puppy photoshoot

We’ve all seen those photos of a newborn baby in a wicker basket wearing a strawberry hat. Sometimes they’re even flying on a cotton wool cloud. While this is far from dog-friendly, why not make your own pooch-appropriate alternative with a beautiful backdrop or some fun props. Check out our guide to snapping pooch-perfect pics. Bring in the pup-arazzi!

Teach your pup a new trick 

Paw. Roll over. Sit. You know the drill. Learning a new trick is fun and stimulating for both you and your new dog. And it’ll impress all your friends and family post-lockdown. We love a show-off.

Buy them a new toy

You can’t beat a new toy. It’s true for both dogs and their doting humans. Although your pooch may not have much interest in a new smart phone or an electric guitar, lots of dogs love a good squeaky ball or tug toy. Why not explore our shop?

Sponsor our puppy playgroup

This is a paw-fect way to celebrate if you aren’t in a position to currently care for a puppy of your own. The puppy playgroup is our dedicated facility formums to look after their new pups until they all find their forever homes. Spread the puppy love and help these puppies have the best possible start in life.

Throw a puppy zoom party

Forget walkies, it’s all about zoomies. We humans may have had enough of forced-fun zoom quizzes, but our pooches are yet to explore the world of video chat. Well, apart from gate-crashing that virtual board meeting. We don’t blame them, that one was pretty boring.

Take a nap together

Is your pup a stega-snore-urus? Or are you the real dino-snore? Whoever’s the biggest dozer, taking a nap with your pooch is a great way to celebrate National Puppy Day. And just a great way to spend any day, really. Just make sure to stick to your side.

Plan a post-lockdown adventure

Holiday! Although your puppy won’t be dreaming of a white beach and cocktail happy hour, they’re probably dreaming of vast landscapes and new walking routes. Maybe even one or two new people to sniff. Dogs Trust Holidays offer lots of pet-friendly staycations. You may also fancy checking out our roadmap for locked down dogs.

What a bizarre year it’s been. National Puppy Day 2021 also marks one whole year since the first UK lockdown was announced. Many of us have welcomed brand new puppies into our homes during this time, bringing comfort and happiness along with them. For those with pre-pandemic pooches, our faithful companions have been the regular and familiar rocks that have kept us hopeful. Our dogs, our puppies, continue to provide us with incomparable joy and love. This year, more than ever, we are celebrating our pups on National Puppy Day.