Shadrach the Crossbreed after treatment

Our cost of loving dogs in need is rising.

Your donation will help us prepare for the tough times ahead.

Every year, we care for around 14,000 dogs across our rehoming centres. When a dog needs us, we’re there for them, providing compassionate support and expert vet care to get them back on their paws. But as inflation rises, so does the cost of loving dogs in need.

Deji, a dog rescued from a pound by a Dogs Trust ambulance

Help dogs like Deji

Our life-saving ambulance service rescues dogs from being put to sleep in pounds and brings them to the safety of our centres. But spending £8,000 per month on fuel, to save dogs like Deji, we desperately need your support to continue in order to give even more dogs in need a second chance in life.

Collie Cross Athena enjoys warmth from a heat lamp with her litter of puppies

Help mums and their pups, like Athena and her litter

The cost of heating kennels and using heat lamps to keep newborn puppies alive has skyrocketed. There’s no way we can make cuts when it comes to keeping dogs alive and warm, which is why we need your help more than ever to help heat our centres for dogs in need.

Tye the Terrier enjoying hydrotherapy treatments

Help dogs like Tye

Even the cost of running warm water has increased, which is used to help dogs like Tye receive hydrotherapy treatment for his degenerative disease. Without these sessions, Tye, and many others, will suffer as they rely on this treatment to aid their mobility and ease pain in their joints.

Shadrach the Crossbreed before treatment

Shadrach, a beautiful boy who came to us with a painful prolapsed eye lid, a lifelong skin condition, and a joint disease, needed the immediate attention from an expert vet to treat him and make him more comfortable. We need your support to ensure our crucial services can continue, and to help dogs like Shadrach recover back to full health.

These poor dogs have been through enough, and with your kind support, you will be helping our cost of loving reach out to even more dogs.

Our resources will be stretched more than ever over the coming months, and we receive no government funding. We rely entirely on kind people, like you, to help us when times are tough.

Please, if you can, help us pick up the rising cost of loving dogs. Even a few pounds will go a long way.

Together, with your support, we'll continue loving dogs at any cost, even during the toughest times.

Donations will go towards the care of all dogs at Dogs Trust.