Two puppies named Humpty and Dumpty at their Dogs Trust kennels

No dog should feel unwanted

Will you help dogs like Humpty and Dumpty feel love for the very first time? 

Humpty and Dumpty were only small,  

Humpty and Dumpty had no love at all,  

It takes kind people like you for them to mend,  

Will you help put more broken hearts together again?  

Two puppies Humpty and Dumpty sleeping side-by-side in a dog bed

At just 8 weeks old, deaf pups Humpty and Dumpty arrived in our care unwanted and broken hearted. They whimpered in fear and were very suspicious of new people. It was as if they had already given up on love.  

Two puppies Humpty and Dumpty side-by-side in a dog carrier

With your gift, we can help unwanted dogs like Humpty and Dumpty feel love for the very first time with urgent medical care, expert training and lots of fuss and attention. It’s the very least they deserve.

Humpty and Dumpty in a broken heart

Please help us.

Will you help us mend the broken hearts of unwanted dogs with a gift today?

Today, the contrast between the unloved dogs who arrived at Dogs Trust and the two energetic, cheeky and happy dogs we see today couldn’t be more incredible. All of us are proving that you can put dogs like Humpty and Dumpty’s broken hearts back together again! 

But sadly, we still see unwanted dogs every day, who’ve not been shown the love they deserve. They all need to be given a second chance to become the confident, cheeky, happy dog’s that they’re meant to be, but we can’t do that without you.

With your support, more dogs like Humpty and Dumpty

can get ready for their future finding loving homes.

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