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Collie Cross

About me

Hi there, I’m Sol! I’m a bouncy Border Collie with an energetic personality, I’m not one to stay in one spot for too long and I’m always looking for a challenge to keep me occupied! This means you’re almost guaranteed to find me either learning some new tricks in the training barn or going on a long extra sensory walk. I love looking for new scents, so my nose is always close to the ground. When that doesn’t work, I get my paws stuck in burrowing to get even closer to that elusive new smell! If all that learning wasn’t enough to keep me occupied, you can always rely on me for a game of fetch, I could go for hours, tennis balls are my favourite they’re nearly as bouncy as I am!

Why I need sponsoring

I love spending time with my carers, so much so that I get very upset when they have to stop playing with me. I also struggle when it come to sharing my toys and food. Thankfully my carers are helping me overcome this with super fun training sessions!


  • My toys - especially tennis balls!
  • Training sessions
  • Food!


  • Noisy neighbours
  • When fuss from my carers stops

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