Hello, I'm Barnaby

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About me

I'm a nervous lad when you first meet me, but the more comfortable I get, the more my personality shines through. Spending time with the people I know and trust is the best pasttime - especially when we're playing with my favourite squeaky toys!

Why I need sponsoring

I came to Dogs Trust as a transfer from Ireland and have had several homes since then, but these haven't worked out for me. I find being left alone very upsetting and it has led to me being a little destructive at times. I also struggle with being over-fussed at times. I'm so lucky I landed on my paws with carers who understand me so well!


  • Squeaky toys
  • Tennis balls
  • Walking with calm dogs


  • Hoovers
  • Fireworks
  • Being left alone
  • Slippery floors

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