Olive from Shoreham (Sussex)

As soon as we saw Olive on Dogs Trust, we knew she'd be the ideal dog for our family. She looked to be the perfect little redhead! Olive was advertised as a beagle, although she is in fact a puggle. We had two beagles when the children were growing up and knew we could manage some of the more typical traits. Olive was slightly nervous when we met her. However, she has quickly adusted to being the centre of attention. She loves plenty of 'walkies' and in certain locations can be allowed off the lead as her recall is good, especially for a beagle. Olive adores playing and chasing around with other dogs. She is really speedy. We love it when she snuggles up to us on the sofa. She really enjoys a game of tuggy and her first blanket is reduced to a few pieces now. She has adjusted well to her new home and routines. Even bedtime has become fun as she snuggles into her crate. We cannot imagine what our lives would be without our adorable Olive.