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Tiny puppy found dumped in a cardboard box is ready to find a forever home

A puppy found close to death after being dumped in a cardboard box in a field is ready to find his forever home, having received round-the-clock care and lots of TLC at Dogs Trust Leeds. 

The adorable pup, who was just five weeks old when he was abandoned in a field in Castleford, West Yorkshire just over a month ago without food, water or even a blanket to protect him from the elements, has been nursed back to health by staff at the charity’s Leeds rehoming centre. 

Amanda Sands, Manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, said: 

“He is doing really well and of course we have all fallen for him. We were so shocked when we first saw him as he was in a terrible state. He was so cold the vet said he wouldn’t have survived much longer. Now, just a few weeks later, he is a typical puppy; full of life and lots of fun, which is wonderful.” 

The pup was named Hockney by the team as in the same week the tiny Terrier cross was rescued, the famous Yorkshire artist David Hockney also had to be rescued after getting stuck in a lift in Amsterdam. 

When rescued Hockney weighed less than a kilogramme, had worms and was suffering from mange, a skin disease which has resulted in most of his fur falling out. 

Amanda says: 

“At first he didn’t want to eat, but now loves his food and he has almost doubled in weight. His fur is finally growing back, and he loves having a cuddle now that his skin is less sensitive. 

“He is really playful and is definitely ready to become part of a loving family. As with all puppies, his owners will need to be around most of the time to take care of him and they will need to be committed to taking him to training classes so he can enjoy exploring everything the world has to offer alongside his new family. 

“Despite what he has been through, he is a loving, trusting pup who deserves to find a brilliant family who are committed to taking care of him for the rest of his life.” 

Hockney is looking for a forever home with children no younger than twelve, and he can live with another dog. If you think you could provide Hockney with his ideal home, please call Dogs Trust Leeds on 0113 5324335.