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Harfield's Tuesday tail-wagger: Tourvill

This is Tourvill – she is a happy and energetic puppy!  Tourvill really likes other dogs and is looking for a home with a settled, young dog who wants to be her play-mate and role-model.  

Tourvill is only 8 months old and she does not appear to have had much experience of life yet, so she can be a little nervous when meeting new people.  But she loves treats and is your friend for life once you’ve given her some chicken!  Luckily her love of food is also helping us with her training, as she’s only a pup so needs all her basic training from scratch.  

Tourvill is looking for an active, fun home where her leaving hours can be built up gradually, and she doesn’t have to meet too many strangers.  We think she’d prefer not to live with young children but can live with teenagers.  

Tourvill is an elegant and energetic girly who is light on her feet and wants to live in a doggy-duo, so we thought ‘Tourvill’ was the perfect name for her.  If you have her ‘Doggy-Dean’ at home and would like to come meet her, then please come and visit us at Dogs Trust West London (in Harefield, Uxbridge).