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Oscar pups look to the future

With the 89th Academy Awards fast approaching, nominees will be anxiously waiting to find out if they have been chosen to win big on the night. Canine carers at Dogs Trust Ballymena are hoping some of their own star pooches will win places in loving new homes.

Dogs Trust Ballymena are currently seeking homes for a number of crossbreed pups, including a litter of seven named after nominees of this year’s prestigious awards ceremony: Ryan, Viggo, Isabelle, Barry, Casey, Meryl and Denzel; all of whom are under three months old.

Dogs Trust Ballymena has revealed that in the last year they have cared for more than 360 puppies under the age of six months old. The reasons why puppies are brought to the rehoming centre vary but include: owners being unable to care for their puppy due to work commitments, puppies found as strays and owners unable to cope with puppy behaviour or traits of the breed.

In 2016 puppies made up more than half of the residents at the Ballymena rehoming centre and many of these were cross breeds.

Sarah Park, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Ballymena, said:

“Crossbreeds, just like any other breed, can make excellent companions for active and experienced families who know they require both physical and mental stimulation.”

“Our star pups definitely enjoy being the centre of attention, so we are looking for owners who can be around for most of the day to keep them company and help them settle in. Whilst they may not have Hollywood egos, like any celebrity diva they need to be surrounded by the right people and dogs, so would benefit from having their social skills developed.”

“We have seen a lot of pups through our doors, but we never forget about our Older Aged Pooches (OAPs) either.  In the month of January, Ballymena rehomed two of its oldest residents, both of whom were 13 years old.  It is important to reach out to potential dog owners that the newest member of their family might not be a puppy, but a more mature pooch may fit well into the family routine too.”

Are you interested in giving a star pup a brighter future? For more information about any of the residents at Dogs Trust Ballymena, please call 0300 303 0292.