Each year we find forever homes for around 15,000 dogs. Our dogs will always be part of the Dogs Trust family and we are always thrilled to find out how they are getting on, living the lives they deserve to live, with owners who adore them.

Last year marked 40 years of our slogan, 'A Dog is For Life, Not Just for Christmas.' To celebrate the love that rescue dogs bring to our lives, we have asked owners who have chosen to give a rescue dog a second chance, to catch their favourite moments on camera over the last year to show the lifelong bond they now share – resulting in our project, #MyDogIsForLife.


Our series of mini-films really celebrates the joy of rescue dog ownership and we hope it encourages people wanting to welcome a dog into their life to adopt not shop.

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If you are part of the Dogs Trust family, use the hashtag #MyDogIsForLife and join the conversation. Don't forget to tag @DogsTrust. You can find us on the below channels:

Featured stories

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim didn't have the best start in life as he was illegally smuggled into the country from Hungary. Luckily, along with his brother and sisters, after being seized at the border Tiny Tim came into our care. It wasn't long before he was adopted.


Ginny came to Dogs Trust Newbury after she was found as a stray. It was love at first sight when Richard adopted her. Richard and Ginny found each other during a time of vulnerability and have helped each other find happiness again.


Debo was found wandering the streets. Luckily he was rescued and taked to Dogs Trust Merseyside just before Christmas. After getting lots of presents, Debo got the best present of all with a forever home with Gary and Chris in January.