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COVID-19 info: Our rehoming centres are currently closed to the public but you can still adopt some of our dogs: take a look at their profiles to see which ones. We’ve set up a new rehoming process which includes social distancing measures to help keep staff and adopters safe.

Dogs Trust B-Roll footage

The Dogs Trust Press Office team are always happy to facilitate filming requests, however to help with last minute requests, or footage relating to bigger campaigns and general Dogs Trust news, we have created B-Roll footage to show you more about Dogs Trust and what we do, which is available for use. 

If you would like to use any of the B-Roll footage, or to arrange filming please email the Dogs Trust Press Office or call 0207 837 0006.

Dog arriving at Dogs Trust

Dogs of all shapes and sizes come to Dogs Trust for a wide variety of reasons, for example, their family’s circumstances may have changed, their owner can no longer care for them or they have been found stray or abandoned. Once they arrive at Dogs Trust, they are thoroughly assessed to help the team to understand their needs for a new home.

Playing and interacting

This footage shows dogs playing and interacting at a Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre. Whilst they are waiting for new homes, all of our dogs have regular interaction with our Canine Carers and other dogs, to prepare them for life in a family home.

A Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre

Dogs Trust has 20 Rehoming Centres in the UK and one in Ireland.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Suite

After their arrival at Dogs Trust, dogs will have a full check up with our on-site veterinarian. If they have come to us as a stray, not much will be known about their background so a full health check is needed. These checks ensure we can understand the needs of all our dogs, and prepare prospective families for any health conditions they may have. Dogs Trust will then automatically microchip and neuter all dogs.

Fireworks advice

Whilst many of us enjoy fireworks, the same cannot be said for dogs. This interview with Maria Wickes, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Basildon gives Dogs Trust advice on how to keep your dog calm during fireworks.

Hydrotherapy at Dogs Trust Here at Dogs Trust, we offer a range of therapies alongside Veterinary treatments including Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy. Maria Wickes, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Basildon explains how we use these therapies to help ensure our dogs are fully rehabilitated before heading off to their new homes.

Checking for a Microchip

After a dog arrives at Dogs Trust, he will automatically be scanned for a microchip by our Veterinary team. If they have been microchipped, this is one of the quickest ways for us to help reunite a lost dog with their owner. If they are not microchipped – which will become a legal requirement on April 6th 2016 - Dogs Trust will microchip them before they become available for rehoming.

Interview about Microchipping

Maria Wickes, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Basildon explains about Microchipping your dog, which will become compulsory on April 6th 2016. Click here to find out more about the Dogs Trust Microchipping programme.

Finding out more

Maria Wickes, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Basildon explains how you can find out more about Dogs Trust, and the work we do.