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Holly needed urgent vet care

Without it she didn’t stand a fighting chance. Just a young pup, Holly was found all alone by a member of the public. She was extremely weak, underweight, and had visible fractures to her leg and tail.

Every day we provide essential, ongoing, and often lifesaving vet care for hundreds of stray and abandoned dogs. Holly is one we will never forget, found in a shocking state during the pandemic.  

Holly was brought to Dogs Trust and rushed to the emergency vet team. She was in such a critical condition she needed emergency stabilisation before they could address her fractures. The vets gave poor Holly immediate pain relief, a rehydration drip, and antibiotics to fight an infection found in her open wounds.

Once stable they took x-rays to examine her injured leg and tail. Sadly they were too severely damaged, and had to amputated. 

But Holly’s fight was still not over.  

Having lost a huge volume of blood from her horrific injuries this poorly pup was showing signs of anemia, and desperately needed a blood transfusion to give her the best chance of survival.  

Holly stayed with the vets for close monitoring, and continue receiving essential fluids, pain relief and antibiotics. It was touch and go, but thanks to our vet teams determination and with the support from people like you, Holly pulled through.  

Sadly she won’t be the last. We predict we are on the brink of a new canine crisis, as financial strains and health issues caused by the pandemic will lead to more dogs abandoned and in need of help. Here you can read more stories of dogs who desperately needed vet care during the pandemic – and it’s for dogs like Truffles, Bo and Ted that we are asking for a gift today.

Help more dogs like Holly get urgent vet care beyond the pandemic. 

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Truffles came into our care with multiple medical issues. Her fur was smelly and so badly matted it had to be shaved off. Her sore skin underneath had to be treated with medication and special soothing shampoo. Our vet team also gave Truffles antibiotics for 6 weeks to treat a stomach infection, medication to help her stiff back legs, and she will require eye drops for the rest of her life. Give a gift to help provide all the care dogs like Truffles needs.

Sadly Bo’s owners were ill and unable to cope with his ongoing vet fee’s. He was thin, and clearly unwell. Our vets carried out extensive tests to determine what was wrong, and he was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. This caused an issue with his heart, which needs regular scans, medication and blood tests to monitor his condition. Help us provide the ongoing vet care dogs like Bo need.

Black greyhound with broken leg in plaster cast

Ted came to us with multiple broken bones in his front left paw - the poor dog could hardly walk.

The vets performed intricate surgery in which he required plates to hold the bones together, then secured with an external frame so they could heal correctly. It was integral to keep this frame and his wound clean and dry to prevent infection, and keep him rested – not easy for a young dog! A long course of physiotherapy will eventually get Ted back on all four paws. Help dogs like Ted get the vet care they need.


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