After Christmas we continue to care for dogs who need a home. We believe that there is a dog for everyone, and a human for every dog. We're committed to finding perfect pairings as well as ongoing support and advice to ensure A dog is for life®.

From your first visit to one of our rehoming centres to potentially taking home a four-legged friend, we are here to help as much as we can. Anyone is welcome to visit and to rehome from us, if they can meet the welfare needs of that particular dog.

Every 6 minutes we get a call from someone wanting to give up their dog.

How it works

Browse our dogs

Browse our dogs, watch their videos and read all about them.

Our dogs are all fully assessed by our expert team, so that we can get as much information as possible for a successful rehoming process. Our website search tool filters to criteria such as location and size to help you find your match. However, you’ll need to visit on of our rehoming centres and meet the team if you’d like to reserve a dog.

Come and meet us

Visit one of our rehoming centres! Do call us in advance to ask for more details about any specific dogs you are interested in before making any lengthy trips to avoid disappointment.

Once you've called pop in, pop in during opening hours (no appointment needed) and say hello to our friendly staff on reception, so we know you’re here.

Find your new friend

Follow the signs to reception, where our team will give you a questionnaire to help find the right dog for you.

Have a walk around our kennels and mate a note of which of our lovely dog(s) you’d like to get to know.

Bring back your notes to reception and sit down with one of the team to discuss further. If you’re the perfect match, you can meet your favourite pooch; and if the meeting is successful you can reserve your chosen dog.

Homeward Bound

We’d like you to get to know your chosen dog before you take them home; and we feel it’s a good idea that all other family members and dogs visit the centre to meet them too.

We will then pop over to meet you at your home; to help make sure your new dog gets the best experience from the move.

If the home check is successful, after a short pre-adoption talk you’ll be taking your new friend home to enjoy life together with on-going support from us!

We pride ourselves on a thorough behaviour and veterinary assessment that helps us match each dog to the right person. We are always completely honest and tell you everything we know in order to make sure the rehoming process will be a success. If we don’t feel you are eligible to rehome a particular dog, we will discuss this with you and, if appropriate, suggest alternative options.


We’re grateful for any support to help us give the best care to our dogs. Especially overlooked dogs like Tia who came to us two years ago, after her owner passed away. Dogs like Tia need our help while they wait for someone to notice them