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Flint here checking in from my new family home.  I am glad to report that I have settled nicely just one of two teething problems we are ironing out.  

I attach some photos taken by various members of the family.  I think you will agree..I am very photogenic.

Lots of licks














A quick update note to convey our thanks for Alfie, who has now been with us here in Scotland for 2 years.

We collected him from Snetterton in August 2012 and he has been a delight every since.  Whoever previously owned him (knowing Alfie it was he owned them), they obviously cared for him – right from the outset he was fully housetrained, a great traveller in the car, very familiar (probably too much so) with finding and sleeping upon the best bed in the house and has never shown any nervousness around people.

Being a real terrier he adores being out on the hills for at least 2 hours every day, zooming about at high speed doing his best to startle any small animals minding their own business in the undergrowth!   

Attached is a very recent picture of him on one of his adventures.  Note, still wearing his Dog’s Trust tag!

Thanks again, and regards

Joe & Trudy

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