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"Just thought I'd take the time to let you all know how our rehomed dog, Chilli, is doing.

We've had the pleasure of sharing her life since 5th aug 2003 when we collected her from Snetterton and brought her back to Thetford to become part of the family. We gave our children the decision of what to call her and they just thought the name she had with you guys still totally suited her - so Chilli it remained! After being mysteriously scared of men wearing baseball caps and 4x4 cars, she soon settled in (someone had obviously invested their time in providing her with basic training skills) and our two children have grown up alongside her. Son Haydn,  is now 17 and daughter Grace, 14. Chilli has been fantastic with them and anyone else she meets; young or old.  She has always liked to snuggle on the sofa - with anyone really! She is very food oriented (loves banana, apple and pears), can't bear her feet touched, loves to play tug of war with her ragger rope toy, has pure black fur down her spine even though to either side of it the undercoat is greyish brown tipped with black, hates water unless just her feet are in it, and has the softest, silkiest ears I've ever found!

Can you tell we adore her?! She even accepted Coco immediately - the yorkie/jack russell puppy we rehomed 3 years ago and who is totally in awe of Chilli! I don't know what her story was before becoming part of ours but would love her previous owner(s) to know that she's very much been loved and continues to have a good life. She's around 13 now, and apart from some arthritis on her right side, deafness and 'dry-eye' - under control with medication, she's the same loving,  obedient dog she's always been and we're very grateful for every day we share with her.

Thanks so much and we're hoping to come to the open day as we always have.

Caroline,  Rob, Haydn and Grace Trett"

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Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Snetterton
North End Road
NR16 2LD

Open: Tuesdays - Sundays 12:00 - 16:00

Mondays (May - September): 16:00pm - 19:30pm

Bank Holidays: 12:00 - 19:30pm

Tel: 01953 498377

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