BOSS / A Crossbreed / Male / 8+ Years / Rehoming Centre: Kenilworth

  • Needs some training
    Needs some training
    I need all my basic training… but I am a quick learner!
  • Loves treats/will work for food
    Loves treats/will work for food
    Offer me a tasty treat and you’ll have a friend for life…!
  • Loves toys/games
    Loves toys/games
    I love playing with my toys. If you play with me, I love it even more!
  • Live wire
    Live wire
    I am always on the go, into everything and very active.
  • Crossbreed
    I'm a crossbreed.

Likes and dislikes:

Boss is a sensitive chap. He loves his food and will do anything for a tasty treat.

Type of home needed:

Boss may come across as a confident chap however he does have a timid side. His new owners need to be patient with him and respectful of his needs. He is housetrained and can cope being on his own for a few hours. He would also need to be the only pet and an adults only home.

More about me:

Boss is an extremely intelligent chap and loves to learn new things all the time.

Rehoming Centre:

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, Kenilworth

Open: 12:00 - 16:00

Late opening: Wednesday 12:00 - 19:30 

Closed: Friday

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