This Morning Dogs

Thank you for visiting our This Morning page, below you will see all the dogs featured on the programme as well as further information about the type of home needed.

Great news!  All of these dogs have now been rehomed!

Our experts have worked very hard to match each of these dogs to the right home and only contacted the most suitable families. If you were not contacted rest assured that they have all found loving new homes and please visit the rehoming section to see the other dogs being cared for at your nearest Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre.



Age: 7 years

Breed: Dalmatian Cross

Personality:  Spot is a friendly female Dalmatian cross. Sadly she was handed over when her owner - who she had been with since a pup - became ill and was unable to look after her. Spot is overweight and will need to go on a strict diet in her new home. She will also have to return to Dogs Trust for monthly weigh-ins to ensure she is losing weight.

Type of home needed:

  • Looking for an owner who is committed to keeping her on a special diet
  • Spot will need a home where she will get a suitable amount of gentle daily exercise.
  • Can live with children of any age and other dogs.


Age: 3 years old

Breed: Terrier cross

Personality: Blossom is a white Terrier type who gets on well with other dogs and is very friendly and affectionate. Don't be fooled by her small size as she is very active!

Type of home needed:

  • Fun-loving owners to keep her busy
  • Blossom is quite excitable so can only live with children aged 8 or over
  • She will need a lot of grooming as she gets mucky very easily!
  • Can live with other dogs.

1.5 years old
Breed: Collie

Personality: Emily is a very sweet black and white Collie who came into Dogs Trust with her puppy Jake after they were found as strays. She was very shy when she arrived but the team are working hard to build up her confidence. She adores playing with other dogs and is a very sociable character.

Type of home needed:

• Caring, patient owner who’ll spend lots of time playing with her and reassuring her that the world isn’t as scary as she thinks
• She will need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation – like every Collie
• She can live with another dog and/or children over eight years old.
• She would benefit from ongoing socialisation and training.



Age: 14 months old

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Personality: When Doug came to Dogs Trust it was clear that he had suffered a trauma to his left eye, leaving it infected to the point that he underwent an operation to have the eye removed. However this hasn’t held him back, he’s a great character and very full of life. 

Type of home needed:

  • Experienced dog owners who can handle him confidently.
  • He will benefit from training classes and continued socialisation
  • As Doug is still young, a home where he is not left alone much is preferred
  • He can live with children aged 8 or over if they are experienced with dogs
  • Doug is wary around other dogs so would need to be the only one in the home.


Age: 3 months old

Breed: Collie Cross

Personality: Cute Collie pup Jake came into Dogs Trust with his mum Emily. He is a typical bouncy puppy who is very active and loves to play.

Type of home needed:

  • Jake will need training and socialisation
  • He cannot be left for longer than two hours so will need an owner who is around most of the day
  • Like any typical Collie, Jake will need lots of walks and stimulation
  • He can live with another dog and/or children over six years of age


Age: 10 weeks old

Breed: Tibetan Spaniel Cross

Personality: Little Bracken was born at Dogs Trust after his pregnant mother was abandoned with only one week to go! He was one of four pups, two of which were happily rehomed and the other which sadly became ill and died.

Type of home needed:

  • Because Bracken is so young he needs owners who are at home most of the day to housetrain him and to ensure he gets plenty of attention
  • He will need plenty of walks as well as proper training and socialisation
  • He can go to a home with small children where they can grow up together