New Year 2013

Our plea to you: please help us care for the many extra dogs abandoned this Christmas.

Dogs Trust cared for 1500 dogs over the festive period –a staggering number! We are seeing more and more dogs coming to our rehoming centres and can only assume this is linked to the continuing recession. Dog owners are under financial pressure, especially at this time of year, and the family dog can often be seen as an expense too far.

Just like everyone at the moment, we also feel the effects of rising costs. That’s why we’re asking kind dog-lovers like you to help us pay for medical supplies, heating and food for all the dogs in our care. We promise we’ll always be there to give stray and abandoned dogs new hope. Please help us keep our promise.


How you can help

£10 helps pay for nutritious food that keeps our dogs fit and healthy


£15 helps pay for snuggly beds and blankets to make sure our dogs are comfy and relaxed


£30 helps pay for heating which ensures our dogs, especially pups and oldies, are kept warm and cosy.


£50 helps pay for expert medical care that gets poorly pooches back on their paws.