iMutt: iMutt

Meet iMutt, our brand new iPhone/iPod app!  In this interactive game, you can take a look behind the scenes and walk in the shoes of a Dogs Trust canine carer.  From the moment your dog enters the rehoming centre, they rely on you!  You need to feed, play, walk, and interact with your dog to ensure they are ready for their new family and their forever home.  Are you ready for the challenge?  Do you think you can rehome a dog?

This app features the ability to learn practical skills and tasks associated with caring for a dog, as well as unexpected events that reflect real life scenarios in a rehoming centre.  You’ll have to maintain and monitor your dog’s wellbeing and make sure his energy is up, behaviour is on track, happiness is fulfilled, and health is top-notch!  Don’t forget to walk, train, feed, play, groom, and love your pup or a colleague will have take over and make sure the dog is taken care of properly.  What are you waiting for?  Your canine pal is waiting for you…

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  • Dogs' nose prints are as unique as humans' finger prints and can be used to accurately identify them.

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