Freedom Project: Pet fostering services

Dogs Trust Freedom Project runs in Greater London and Yorkshire. Please see the link to the following factsheet from The Links Group containing information about similar services available for families fleeing domestic violence. If you have a pet fostering query that is unrelated to domestic violence, please scroll down to Other Services.

Dogs Trust Freedom Project

Dogs Trust Freedom Project
PO BOX 50208
London EC1V 7XP
Tel: 0800 298 9199
Fax: 020 7833 2830

Dogs Trust Freedom Project
PO BOX 280
LS14 9BF
Tel: 0800 083 4322
Fax: 0113 281 4932

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Other Services

Animal Samaritans

PO BOX 154
DA16 2WS

UK Registered Charity providing temporary foster care for animals in need of permanent rehoming.

The Cinnamon Trust

19 Market Square
TR27 4HE
Tel: 01736 757 900

An organisation providing short term care for animals belonging to elderly pet owners going to hospital or moving into residential accommodation that will not accept pets. Long term care for pets whose owners have died or are terminally ill is also available.

Mayhew Animal Home

Trenmar Gardens
Kensal Green
NW10 6BJ
Tel: 020 8969 0178

A centre offering a Pet Refuge scheme that might be able to help care for your animal for a short period of time if you find yourself in difficulties. You must live within the M25 to qualify and unless a genuine emergency you should give 2 weeks notice. Assistance may also be available for eviction cases within the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Pet Fostering Service Scotland

PO Box 6
FK17 8ZU
Tel: 0844 811 9909

An organisation offering a pet fostering service for people in an emergency/crisis. They have volunteer carers throughout Scotland. Please contact direct to see if you are eligible.


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