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Temporary Fostering for Dogs Trust

Our policy is to not just rescue dogs, but to give them the best possible quality of life as well as all the specialist care and training they need to give them the greatest chance of finding a new home of their own.

Often it is the simplest things that cause little tails to wag. A squeaky toy, a treat or a cosy bed can be all it takes to raise spirits and most of our dogs find homes within weeks. But other dogs need a bit more and this is why we often look for temporary foster carers.  

Temporary fostering offers dogs a chance to live in a real home until a new owner can be found. These homes are temporary and carers are vetted for suitability. Dogs chosen to go on the scheme are often in need of some a little extra love and attention because they may have an illness, or kennel life does not suit them. Many of ours puppies who are born at the Rehoming Centres are often temporarily fostered so that they can become socialised in a home environment. A home environment gives them a chance to shine and show prospective new owners their real personality.

For further information please contact your nearest centre. 

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